Behaviour Matters

mission statement

what we believe

At Behaviour Matters we are passionate about using humane, science-led methods to ensure canines and their guardians are able to lead contented and fulfilled lives together.

Guardians are provided with practical training techniques and are supported in practicing their newly acquired skills in an encouraging learning environment (in the guradian’s own home). In addition, guardians receive comprehensive training plans and resources, as well as continued guidance and support throughout the training program.

At Behaviour Matters we aim to:

  • Meet the needs of canines and their guardians in a variety of settings by looking at real life, relevant training challenges
  • Use force-free, reward based training techniques which are scientifically supported and help foster successful relationships
  • Provide practical and meaningful training solutions by developing training and behaviour plans that are canine and client centred and comprehensive
  • Alleviate stress and suffering while promoting greater animal welfare and responsible guardianship
  • Work in partnership with the canine community and animal welfare organisations

The first steps towards addressing unwanted or concerning behaviours and improving your relationship with your dog is seeking the support of a suitably qualified practitioner, and remember…

Your dog isn’t giving you a hard time,
they’re having a hard time!


Behaviour Matters provides behaviour programmes for other animals too.

We can provide support with issues such as feline house soiling, excessive scratching of furnishings, phobic behaviours and issues involving aggression.

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