Behaviour Matters



We recognise that training is a lifelong process which should be tailored to both the companion animal and guardians needs.

Our aim is to make training easy and enjoyable while ensuring it is applicable to real life situations.

We provide training solutions for a variety of training issues which can include excessive barking, jumping up, pulling on lead and poor recall.

caring and qualified behaviour advisor

Sophia’s lifelong passion for animals began in early childhood and has led to a career as a training and behaviour advisor.

Sophia has recently completed a Degree in Canine Behaviour and Training and is set to continue studying to ensure she is able to provide her clients with the very best support, which is up to date and science led.

Sophia shares her home with three dogs and two cats and has fostered a number of overseas dogs, including feral and free roaming dogs in Romania, Spain and Cyprus.

Behaviour management isn’t the only string to Sophia’s bow, as she is also a qualified dog groomer and, as such, can provide behaviour support for dogs who struggle with grooming and handling.


Companion animals sometimes find the stresses of modern day life challenging and this can lead to an array of behaviour issues.

We offer comprehensive needs-led assessments and provide bespoke treatment plans with full support throughout the program.

We provide behaviour solutions for companion animals exhibiting anxiety, fears, aggression and abnormal behaviours.

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